My action plan for this year is to experiment with new ideas and materials while still building on top of what I learnt last year.
Though ultimately I want to develop a more personal identity and style within my work.

Illustration is one of the practices I intend to develop, but I also hope this year to develop my skills in print, combining my illustrations with screen printing, exploring decorative illustrations/patterns and the effect of printing onto different materials/textures.

Technology, equipment and software I’m likely to use as a practitioner:
For the development of my illustration skills I’m likely to use a variety of different drawing implements, as well as digital software such as illustrator.
I will also be using print resources such as an exposure unit, silk screens and dyes.

As it stands the gaps in my knowledge are digital software such as Illustrator and Photoshop, this is something I aim to tackle this year which will also allow me to explore digital print

To support this I will be ensuring I will be attending workshops to gain a further understanding of the processes and what can be achieved, I will be doing research into bespoke artists/designers who design specialized patterns. I also want to research how i may be able to able to make this socially engaging and how it might be applied to a cause of my interest.

How do broader developments in technology affect the future of visual communications?
Technology and its advancement has allowed anyone to access art and design, whether it be research or creating. Though it has also meant that some techniques of the past have perhaps become seemingly outdated, and some processes are now far easier and faster to do digitally. However I enjoy being hands on with my work, sometimes even if a process is longer it can be more rewarding. Technological advancements don’t always provide the better outcome.