How did your group develop the idea for the project? Was it well thought through, did you all play an active role?
Collectively we ran through a range of ideas that would fit in with the theme, though we understood that we had to think of size limitations and constructing the stall in a small time frame. We too into account that it had to be engaging, safe, appropriate for all ages, but most of all we wanted it to be fun. This made it quite easy to narrow down our ideas and as a group agree upon a final idea. I believe that everyone within the group equally played an active role in developing the ideas for the stall, and thinking of solutions when we thought of possible problems.


How well did you collaborate and work together?
I think that as a group we worked considerably well, all contributing ideas and working together to agree upon one that we all felt was manageable given the time frame and that we all felt happy with. To make sure that everyone was contributing equally within this brief we split roles up between us, which also allowed us to have quite an efficient process meaning that we were able to complete our stall fairly quickly. I also enjoyed working with the First year students we had grouped with, they were always eager to get involved and share ideas, showing real enthusiasm.

What went well with the making and running of the stall?
The making of the stall went quite smoothly and quickly as we had planned what we needed the previous day, all that we needed to do was allocate tasks to each member and complete them. The only problem we encountered was ensuring that the stall would stand an not fall over, but with some quick thinking we were able to construct a very simple support frame that meant it could be put on a table top and not be knocked over. As for the running of the stall we found that most members of the public would take it upon themselves to play after seeing others have a go, even competing against each other in some cases. People found the aim of the game very easy to understand, and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

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What did not go well?
When we first set up we didn’t have the balloons filled with cornflour as they had been made by members of the group who were to run the second half, but we were only without them for 10 minutes maximum, which hadn’t been all that problematic as one of our First year members Fran had been able to get hold of some temporary polystyrene balls.

Use examples to describe how people engaged with your stall and how you managed different ages & abilities.
It was fairly easy to get people to engage with the stall, we began simply by playing it ourselves and from then people would come over wanting to have a go themselves, whenever it got quiet, we continued to do the same as it seemed to be effective. People from all ages and abilities engaged with our stall, united by the challenge of getting their balloons through the holes, and wanting to better each other.

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If you could do it again, what would you do differently?
If we were to this again I would create a wider range of sized holes so that it would make it easier for smaller children. I would also attach some sort of netting to the back so that the balloons could be caught within it, as we found that standing behind it meant we were vulnerable to getting hit.