I have also been researching into artists who have explored pattern within their work.

when doing so I can across the work of Jane Masters.
Although she’s achieved this through a different process than I want to work in, I feel as though she’s achieved a similar thing to what I have attempted, by creating these decorative pieces of awareness/statements.


Though i also found the work of Johanna Basford, who’s style I feel I can particularly relate to and love. her work is a great example of what I want to try and work towards and how she’s been able to apply her style to many different things.

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I also came across the work of  Dan Funderburgh. Most of his work is made up of many elements, and he’s explored a range of different styles, colours and contexts. But something i love about his work is more often that not he has hidden elements within his work, that you do not notice from afar. This is something I’m keen to try within my work.

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