I decided to try out some fine liner and biro patterned/decorative style drawings in the kind of style I want to work with, so that I can improve on my illustration skills but also so that i can explore some ideas and see what works well.
I really like how they look, quite simple little illustrations when put together make it look so busy and detailed, so i want to continue working in this style.

My idea with ‘the world is fucked’ image was in an indirect/contradicting way to put across my opinion quite bluntly that i do believe that given the worlds state economically/morally/environmentally, that it is fucked. Though i also wanted to show that there is so much in the world, a whole mish-mash of beautiful random things that we often look past and focus are attentions on more trivial things like peoples opinions. But I also thought of how people may not be able to read that much into it, so I wanted to make sure that it did look attractive, adding some positivity to a negative opinion.
From My tutorial and the feedback I was given I could see that people didn’t really understand my point until I explained it, so I need to be sure that when I come to creating my final illustrations that my point is fairly clear.

I was also able to use my elephant illustration during my illustrator induction, which was useful as i learnt some processes that would make recreating a complex/detailed image comprising of many shapes easier.