I wanted to test out printing onto fabric as I’m thinking about screen printing patterns onto fabrics for the latter half of this project and wanted to get an idea of how they might turn out.
Due to costs i wasn’t really able to try out a range of fabrics, but after having a good feel of some samples i chose a basic white cotton and a thicker cotton to see how they differed.

I wasn’t really able to take any photos of me printing as it got a bit messy, and i was very limited to time and space as there were classes on in the print room, but after getting confident with printing on paper, i found it very easy to just set up and produce just a few samples and see how the different materials took the ink.

plain white cotton 
This material is quite light and so my print turned out really well, no detail was lost in any of the prints which i was really pleased about. I was concerned that potentially the ink might bleed out a little or the ink might not appear as black as it should, but none of that occurred.

down like white cotton
This materials quite thick and heavy, a lot like canvas material, out of the two fabrics I believed this would be the better one to print on, though I found that actually because its a more dense material that the ink absorbed into it more and some of the detail in my illustration was lost as lines bled together somewhat. Though the ink turned out a lot darker which I liked, for these types of illustrations involving lots of intricate shapes and small details this material just isn’t suitable.

I now feel just as confident with fabric printing as I do with paper, and this has given me some more direction to where I want to go, if I choose to screen print on to fabric I know now  which fabric would work best.