Having produced this elephant illustration while experimenting with my drawings, I decided it would be ideal for trying out some screen printing.
I’m confident with getting images ready to screen print, so was able to turn prepare this image for screen printing quickly.

I have screen printed in the past but never really got a feel for the whole process, however visiting the print room allowed me to get involved with every step of printing. I was shown how to clean and strip screens properly, how to apply emulsion and expose my image – these are things I have no previously done, and now feel confident that I could go through every step of the screen printing process without needing any assistance.

Whilst in the print room I prepared two screens for print, one for fabric and one for paper as I wanted to test out how the two processes differ as well as wanting to see how my prints would turn out on different papers and fabrics, to try and establish some more direction in to what I want to work with for the second part of this project.


Image 1415891_10151916759104812_1635203872_n

Having prepared my paper screen I was able to set up my own little print room at home and crack on with printing while not having time or spacial restrictions something that I found quite irritating about the print room because I felt I couldn’t just get on with printing.

Once I’d set up my own space at home however I really got into printing, and was able to print at least 100 images, with most of them being successful.
I was also able to see how depending on the paper I was using would depend how much pressure I needed to apply to the squeegee in order to create a decent looking image. As with thicker paper/card more pressure was needed to get the paper to take the ink. I found that if I applied the same pressure to thinner papers more ink would absorb into the paper and the detail of my image was somewhat lost as you can see from these prints

img106 img107

But with practice I was able to get it right and produce a lot of successful images

 img099 img100 img103img101 img102 img098 img104 img105

The use of different papers has also provided insight into how my image looks with different colours, I really like how it looks on brown paper, not so much on the bright blue or red, but the lighter colours work best for this type of image because of all the detail, I think the more vibrant colours put too much stress on your eyes.

Overall I am really happy with the outcome of my images, and its definitely a process I now feel comfortable with and more importantly I enjoy it.