In one of my tutorials it had been suggested that due to the style of my illustrations that laser cutting might be something to consider.
I like the idea of possibly making stencils, its not a process id previously really thought of using but simply it couldn’t hurt to try it, and if i do decide i want to use it later on it’d be good to know how to use the equipment and what i can actually do with it.


we were shown examples of the types of materials, imagery and effects that can be achieved with laser cutting. I hadn’t been aware that you could do so much with it, as i didn’t know that you could cut into pretty much anything other than metal, glass and reflective materials.


As I was inducted in a group we were shown collectively how the equipment worked, but to make sure that we fully understood the process we went through making a small test pieces individually, that used the different types of cuts so that we could also get a sense of the outcome ourselves.
I thought this was really good, because I now feel like I could comfortably use this simple yet diverse resource.

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