It was expressed to me during my interim crit that it may be worth me looking into the imagery of different cultures and how they explore the use of pattern as relating my illustrations to a certain culture/event is something I’m considering. So I decided to look into patterns, symbols, motifs and art of some different cultures.

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George-Haite-00 arabic-mehndi-designs

What I love about Indian imagery is their use of colour, and intricate designs. I feel it would work well with my work.


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Islamic imagery is mostly made up of geometric shapes. It reminds me of looking into a kaleidoscope.


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I also found a website that had a fair few examples of typical Japanese patterns/motifs and the meaning behind them which was insightful
kikko shippo suzume unkaku

Japanese imagery consists of a range of different patterns, many trying to symbolise different elements or things within nature, as well as trying to set scenes.
After looking through Japanese imagery and thinking about how I might be able to bring culture into my work to make it relate to something, (taking into mind my current idea is stemming from a war against arms) I’m considering trying out this style and involving my own imagery and taking inspiration from the examples I’ve found creating a piece that draws on the events of Hiroshima to get my point across that weaponry/war doesn’t solve anything.