I wanted to try out some fabric techniques that differ from the standard dyeing or tie dyeing process, however when I approached the print room staff about being inducted in the dye lab they had stated that it was something they taught in classes and not until after Christmas which wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear, but this just urged me to try it myself at home. I located a craft store in town that had hand use dye and purchased some with my intentions being to see what effects i could make with different dyeing process that I’d be able to do at home.
I began by looking at some online tutorials for other fabric dyeing techniques that I might not already be aware of and found these two that I particularly liked:

For this experimentation i only used one colour dye which is why my outcome differed from the online tutorials but i wanted see what effect this would have, and get a feel for the process more than anything.
so i prepared small squares of fabric for the different methods, using the same types I had used for screen printing as I have considered the possibility of printing onto dyed fabric so wanted to see how the dye would take to these materials.


This hand stitched method is used to create vertical striated pattern in the fabric, achieved by stitching in lines and pulling the strings together and tying them at the end to hold the pleats together.


It didn’t come out as best I’d hoped, a technique that is clearly better with the use of more than one colour.


for this process I wrapped yarn around my fabric which was wrapped around a bottle, pushing the fabric together slightly in certain areas to create textured lines


I really liked the outcome of this, I like the variations in tone, and the light feel of it as it seems to give a natural somewhat uncontrollable feel to it, its almost like the monoprint of dyeing.

Other techniques…
For this process I dipped a sponge in the dye and pressed it against the fabric to create a blotchy tonal texture


By dripping the dye onto my fabric I was able to create a splatter effect



By getting a spray bottle and filling it with the dye solution and spraying the fabric i was able to create a very soft tonal texture, by spraying one area more than another I was able to create the darker tones

Though I’m not sure if this is something yet i want to use within my work, I enjoyed and found the process interesting, I also enjoyed being very hands on, getting a bit messy and trying something purely experimental. I think its also been good for me to see what i could do with dyeing, how each technique is achieved and how it turns out, so that if in future I do want to use it, and can judge if I think certain techniques effect will apply to that work better I know what needs to be done to achieve that, as well as having an idea as to how it should look.