Find out the full name and profession of you Great Grandfather and Grandmother

For this task I got in contact with my mum, as as shameful as I felt for it, I couldn’t recall the names and professions of my grandparents. So she filled me in and so very nicely sent me some pictures too. On my mothers side my Grandparents were Ernest Barton and Esther Beatrice Barton (nee Steadman). Both of whom are what we call Brummies, or in layman terms Birmingham folk.
My granddad was a toolmaker and worked at a company called Radiation in Aston. My Grandmother was a dinner lady at Perry Common Infants’ School in Birmingham.

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On my Fathers side Josiah Anthony Toon and Lavinia Toon (nee Walker) who were also brummies.
My Granddad worked at Dunlop in the Carbon Black section a job that involved putting the carbon into the rubber, a very dirty job. My grandmother was a cleaner.

Wedding photo 1Lavinia Walker

It was nice for me to speak to my mum about my grandparents, especially her parents as they died before I was born so I generally know very little about them. But me and my mum don’t often discuss members of the family who have passed, unless we go by a place that they used to live/work and then she’ll point it out to me, so it was good I think for both of us to remind ourselves of them and for her to reminisce over.