Initially through the first part of this project I had been drawn to the idea of creating a pattern based upon military weapons, and creating ironic imagery through that to make a point that no life comes from weaponry. Or trying to bring culture into my art work as I was using a lot of patterns within my work itself.

However after completing the first half of this project I found I didn’t really like that idea any more, it wasn’t motivating me, I no longer felt passionate about it. This was causing me a bit of stress as I hit a wall. I stressed myself out, further fuelling the creative block, so looked over my research that I had already done and ran over some more possible ideas. I found myself leaning more towards environmental issues more than anything, this is something I’m finding myself increasingly passionate about – I suppose that is because I love nature, and as a society I hate what we’re doing to it.

I knew I still wanted to create some sort of pattern, and wanted to utilise the skills I’d’d learnt in the first half. And found myself looking once more to the work of Dan Funderburgh

danfunderb Williamsburg-Brooklyn-by-Dan-Funderburgh-for-Global-Yodel-750x535

I really love his wallpapers, from a distance they might seem quite quite decorative and appear very traditional, but the closer you get the more obvious it becomes that these are very modern takes on the traditional style of wallpaper.

I also came across the work of Timourous Beasties who create Toile style patterns depicting cities and current society. I really like their work because they use this traditional style to indirectly address issues in society such as drinking and womanising, creating a very honest depiction of the day and age we live in.

After looking through these works I remembered my tutor speaking of the Beastie Boys Brookyln wallpaper a collaboration between Mike D of the beastie boys and Revolver New York, similar in style and approach.

181147_10151245675981169_631502553_n   thumb    


It too has this very traditional, contemporary style from a distance – but up close its really something much more interesting.

I really liked the idea of this, it meant I still make my drawings decorative and aesthetically appealing, but I could incorporate a hidden message or address an issue.
After realising this a light bulb turned on, suddenly I knew exactly what I wanted to do and the stress disappeared somewhat (it didn’t completely vanish as I then realised I would have to turn what I saw in my mind into a reality)
I have decided that I want to approach the issue of deforestation and the effect it has on the wildlife through this kind of style as I love the woods, in case you couldn’t guess by the name of my blog. ( for those of you who don’t know Nemophilist means a lover of the woods). By using this style I would be able to convey different stages of the effects and the process of deforestation in a subtle way.

I listed the separate illustrations I would create to piece together to make my wallpaper pattern.

  1. Tree/trees being cut down with birds/nests still in them
  2. another tree/trees being cut down with squirrels in them, rabbits running from their hole at the bottom of the tree
  3. stacks of logs
  4. groups of tree stumps
  5. lone tree stumps
  6. bunches of grass
  7. cracked eggs (fallen from a nest in a chopped down tree)

My main images obviously will be the trees being chopped down, 3 and 4 would be medium sized images and to fill the small gaps between I would use 5,6 and 7.