For this task I wanted to find words that explained things I felt related to me in some way, or perfectly summed up things that I like in just one word.

1. Heliophilia
(n.) The desire to stay in the sun; the love of sunlight

The climate has been getting colder and colder as we approach winter and on day one of this task I found that I was doing my best to stay in the sunlight to get as much warmth as possible while out and about. I’m very fond of the sun and often refer to myself as lizard because I love to bask in the sunlight as they do, so I wanted to know if there was a word that described that feeling, turns out there is.

2. Lalochezia
(n.) The emotional relief gained from using abusive or profane language.

I’m very fond of swear words, being quite an blunt personI find that most of the time swear words say exactly what I want them to, they hold a lot of emotion behind them and I get great satisfaction from using them in a sentences, and I do get a sense of relief from using them. I don’t find them offensive, I think they’re merely very powerful and expressive words. So much like the previous day I wanted to know if there was a word to sum up that experience of relief, so that I can now explain to my mother when she complains about my use of language, that indulging in lalochezia relieves me of stress.

3. Petrichor
(n.) A pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

the smell of the rain is one of my favourites, and people often think I’m pretty crazy when I turn around and say it’s going to rain and that I know it because I can smell it. But there’s a certain uniqueness to the smell of rain after its fallen on dry ground, being one of my favourite smells I wanted to put a name to it. I think petrichor would make a very nice air freshener scent.

4. Psithurism
(n.) The sound of rustling leaves

I was walking through Hyde park and noticed that as the wind blew there was very little rustling in the trees because the leaves have mostly all fallen. I actually found myself quite disappointed by this as I love the sound of the trees and leaves moving in the wind, I find it very relaxing and calming, much like the sound of waves hitting rocks on a shore. So I found a word for that sound, and after struggling to pronounce it I looked on the internet to find the correct pronunciation so I would actually be able to use it and felt a bit stupid when realising the p is of course, silent.

5. Polylemma
(n.) A circumstance in which a choice must be made between multiple options that seem equally undesirable

So the other day I found myself in this exact situation and needed a word to perfectly describe it instead of reeling of that mouthful of an explanation. It was the weekend, I had no real plans, it was late at night, I could have chosen to do some work but that didn’t seem appealing, I could have gone to the pub but having little money to spare meant I’d more than likely just end up getting more stressed with money – defeating the point of going out. I could have stayed in, I was bored enough as it was at home, there’s was nothing worth watching on TV so I didn’t fancy that,  wanted to actually do something. Then there was a house party I could go to, held by people I didn’t even know, but was invited along by friends and I felt like being social… I didn’t really feel like doing that either, but I had half a bottle of wine left, a few hours to kill before I’d be going to bed and thought why not. Out of the options I had, admittedly I’m glad I chose that one, even though I wasn’t even there for 2 hours and I didn’t finish my wine and i didn’t socialise with anyone outside of my friendship group.

6. Kairos
(n.) the perfect/opportune moment for a decision, words, movement or action.

With this one i just wanted to find a word that explained those moments, for I think it is those moments in life where you truly live as you wish without a second thought.

7. Pelinti
(v.) To move hot food around your mouth

On the last day of this task I wanted to find a Ghanain word as i intend to volunteer in Ghana next summer. I came across this one, and i particularly liked it because we don’t really have an English saying for this but its definitely something we all do, when you put food in your mouth and its too hot to swallow or chew it but you daren’t spit it out so you just move it around trying to cool it down, well that’s pelinti.