esio trot, esio trot

teg reggib reggib

emoc no esio trot

worg pu, ffup pu, toohs pu

gnirps pu, wolb pu, llews pu

egrog! elzzug! ffuts! plug!

tup no taf, esio trot, tup no taf!

teg no, teg no! elbbog doof.

I pretty much grew up with the books of Roald Dahl, I watched little TV as a child. But one book I will always remember and still have to this day is Esio Trot. It was always one of my favourite books, and still is. I particularly loved it because it was different to most other Roald Dahl books, but I also liked the challenge as a child of trying to decipher his backwards words and the poem within. This poem means a lot to me not because of its content, but because it’s a poem of my childhood, the only one I can recall.

I’d translate it for you but I think that takes the fun away – the trick is to still read it left to right but one word at a time, if you try reading it all backwards it makes no sense at all.