After my last tutorial with Graham, it was once again made clear that I was being too ambitious with the time I had and the conditions to grow in, not having enough sunlight being the main factor, and the fact that I probably didn’t have many things I could grow for my message to be good enough to even convey.
So what could I do? I could grow cress because that grows all year round, and grows fast. I left the tutorial deciding upon using recycled materials to form the base of my letters in which the cress would grow on, and it would say ‘Fuck It.’ placed upon plastic bags of large supermarket chains, and national newspapers.

So I began growing…

I created paper pulp by blending discarded newspapers/paper to form my letters and mixed seeds within it, before sewing some closer to the surface.


This was after the first night.

The next day it showed even more promise…



The fourth day…




After 7 days…


IMG_0429 IMG_0427


On the eighth day we had the show and tell, a session to present to our peers and tutors our projects and get some feedback.
I presented these images so they could see the progression of this piece. It was clear from the feedback I received that the message wasn’t clear enough, it was clear who I was aiming this at or even the context, which I could understand as I hadn’t presented it with the base of recognisable capitalist/consumerist items. But I still felt as though perhaps I needed a change of words, something more direct.

I took from this that I should grow again, this time the message “Fuck ’em”.