I began by drawing out in pencil some of the sections that would make up my pattern, this would be one of the main images of a tree being cut down, with birds and their nest still within it, the man chopping down the tree is not looking up – to symbolise our ignorance to the effects of what we are doing to our environment.

I also surrounded it with foliage so that it would still have the decorative feel but this would also link to the issue im addressing.

1481152_10152022536169812_179162182_n (1)

These are the initial ideas I’ve had for the smaller illustrations that will fit between the larger ones, to fill the gaps and make the pattern look more whole. I will also be adding foliage around some of these pieces to maintain a theme.


I went over my original image in Biro as I felt it needed to be more bold, as I intend to work with only one colour I will be using Biro to create tone also. I had reservations about screen printing my images as I didn’t want to lose detail, but I feel that it would give a better wall paper effect if it was screen printed so I am once again leaning towards that process.