I came across a small convenience store in Wakefield that housed a range of foods, they had English, Kurdish, Polish, Latvian, Slovakian and Lithuanian foods.
I went inside and really couldn’t have told you what half of it was… but a lot of it just looked like an unfamiliar version of food I have tried, so decided to look for the most obscure looking items I could find, and picked these two out.
the child on the packaging of the food on the left threw me off a little bit, couldn’t figure out its relevance at all but it amused me for this reason.


Realising I was going to have to cook this and not being able to read the instructions was also an amusing hurdle to overcome, I could suss out that I could microwave this, thankfully numbers are a global language. But I couldn’t figure out what I whether I was to microwave it in the packaging or not. I wrongly assumed this would be like Uncle Bens and you just tear it open a little, but I’d kept a close eye on it as i put it in the microwave, and after no more that 2 seconds it began to spark and i had to quickly stop it, realising then i needed to empty it out into a bowl and do it that way… Should have played it safe to begin with because I thought I was going to blow up the microwave.

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It didn’t smell all that bad, it was like some kind of bean and sausage casserole, tasted similar to minestrone soup though… It was really quite filling, a little bit too salty but it was good with the baton like sticks, which after trying I realised was a lot like unflavoured massive Wotsits. They provided a nice balance and were a lot less messy than bread to dip.

All in all I had a pretty good experience with this task, other than the hiccup with the microwave of course, it didn’t make me ill so I’d’d successfully cooked it in the end. And overall, I’m a little less scared to try more obscure or even just new types of food, especially when having absolutely no idea at all what it is.