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After doing my research into Toile De Jouy traditional wallpapers I had seen that the majority if not all of them decorated their illustrations around the edges with floral designs or leaves, somewhat giving each one a frame. However in my tutorial with Graham he had made a very valid point that although these trees have been chopped down, there’s still so much life around them, I wasn’t correctly conveying my message by trying to make it look as traditional as possible. I needed to convey a very bleak scene to get my message across, without concerning myself with whether or not it looked pretty or just like the examples in my research, it would still be affective and aesthetically pleasing using dead foliage.


This was one of the original drawings that i did that me and Graham both felt conveyed the right message for what I’m trying to achieve with this work. It says what its needs to simply, and doesn’t come across bursting with life.

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So I got to work on my drawings, taking away the overgrowing foliage that previously surrounded my drawings and taking it away completely or replacing it with dead branches. I felt it was important to still keep the roots of my tree though, to show that there’s always more beneath what we see, just as there is with the decisions we make, more things are affected then we’ll be aware of.