Before I could print I got myself down to Scrap(, and got hold of a roll of reclaimed paper, as I did not want to be wasting paper during this project as it would make me a complete hypocrite and void what I was trying to represent with my illustrations. I have never used scrap before, but it was a lovely discovery, a place full of possibilities and things just waiting to get used.

I had tried to get into the print room several times, but with no luck as they were always full, and when asking about being inducted through the repeat pattern process i was dismissed and told that it was something that would be done as a class… this posed some problems for me, but I’m not one to accept defeat that easily and thanks to Marianne I was able to get hold of a screen from our wonderful VisCom department… though this screen was smaller than I was wanting to work with, I scaled my image down to fit within the frame, and managed to get down to the Rossington street print room in time for drop in with the hopes of exposing there…

It was not my day however and they didn’t have a trough small enough for the screen to coat it in preparation for exposure… just another set back I didn’t need, so the next day I managed to hop into Blenheim print room and get it exposed so that I could set up printing at home.

1477509_10152041621979812_1244952555_n 1479809_10152041621444812_2109554701_n

preparing the screen!

…Printing at home…


Firstly I screen printing onto some tracing paper so that when it came to printing the repeat pattern I could line my images up exactly, I noticed the quality wasn’t great but I did like the texture.

1491079_10152087596604812_1988022127_n  1533140_10152087596919812_20577155_n  1555670_10152087597049812_1302796749_n


I first had a try at printing it out onto the paper I would be using to see how well it took to the paper and to see whether I was losing much detail. It seemed as though my half-tone image wasn’t working as well as I’d hoped, My original illustration had too much detail and lines within it which meant some areas appeared quite blotchy, though I liked the texture this was not what I wanted my final piece to look like, I wanted to keep that detail as much as possible.

  1527995_10152087594999812_1091773574_n 1543363_10152087595504812_1597529720_n

I continued however to try the repeat pattern because I wanted to test this out anyway. I was able to line up my images okay, but the size of the frame and my image within it caused problems as the edges weren’t printing properly… and my illustrations were still very much coming out blotchy.

I decided once and for all that although I really had wanted to screen print this, to get the final result I want I would need to digitally print this piece.