After my piece was prepared to be exposed to the outside world i approached a student from the photography course and asked if they would document the relocations of my piece and capture it in the different environments.
I placed my piece in 4 different locations, leaving it in those locations for half an hour at a time as daylight was in short supply and i felt this would give it enough time to gain a  decent audience. I stood at a distance from the piece, observing peoples reactions but close enough to it so that people had the option to ask any questions if they wished. I firstly by placed it against the fence of an allotment in Hyde Park, to show my support to those already actively working for sustainability as I wanted to address my awareness to the efforts of people who have already taken it upon themselves to start growing, not only to try and encourage others to do the same.
I then took my message to the monument at Hyde Park as this is often a busy location, with lots of passing traffic and students – my target audience for we are the generation that has the potential to make a change. However my photographer accidentally dropped the piece when moving it for a shot, we quickly put it all back in place though it was damaged, an unfortunate accident but nothing that could have been helped and decided despite this hiccup to continue.



before it was dropped ^


_MG_8711 _MG_8712

^ me trying to save my cress and make it look as normal and non flat as possible.

I had also left my message upon the steps of the Leeds University Parkinson building, which i had chosen as a location because of the amounts of students that pass through that area on a daily basis, and being on a busy road it  got lots of attention. Following that i moved it to millennium square, where it was able to be exposed to a variety of people, it got quite quickly so it got less attention, just a few head turns and people stopping, id left it on the steps of civil hall and also on one of the many distinctive benches that are around the square before finally leaving it facing the path and traffic on the outskirts of the square. Unfortunately the images documenting this half were corrupted when they were downloaded, though thankfully I’d taken a final farewell picture of my piece before leaving it.



The damage to my piece I felt had effected its effectiveness as it wasn’t so readable. Also unfortunately the images I’d gotten of the message around Leeds weren’t as I had hoped. But in the spirit of this project, I’m making do with what I’ve got. If I was to do this again however I would make my letters large again, as although this was much easier to move around and relocate, I feel as though it was a much bolder statement before and more readable. I would also document this myself rather than relying on the expertise of others and then only I can be to blame for any mishaps.