This first image is a piece by Jaremey Deller- it is what it is, 2009. It’s a that was destroyed by a bomb in Baghdad 2007. He displayed the remains of the wreckage e on a tour around america to provoke conversation about the war in Iraq and the controversy of it, raising social and cultural issues. Through this piece he wanted to highlight, and make the public very aware of the consequences of the war in Iraq, confronting them with the realities of war. It was accompanied by a sign explaining where this wreck had originated from and how it had come to such damage, and what it actually original was as it is beyond recognition and appears just as a heap of rusting metal.


This piece is the work of Marc Quinn – Alison Lapper pregnant, it was shown during the 2012 paralympics opening ceremony. A replica of an original piece that stood on Trafalgar squares 4th plinth. the 43ft sculpture is impossible to ignore, and thus confronts the public with the image of a nude pregnant disabled woman, and challenges their perception of her ‘deformity’ forcing them to accept it. The piece is powerful as in today’s society many questions have been raised as to whether a woman with disabilities, especially those without limbs, is able to give a child the care and protection it requires, doubting that they are as capable as those with no disabilities or all their limbs. But this sculpture throws those those judgements out of the window and instead in my opinion celebrates the fact that this is still a woman, and she had the ‘right’ to have children.

the purpose for both images is to challenge the preconceptions of the audience and their possible ignorance or dismissal of the war and of the disabled. They both are very bold statements, approaching two very different controversial issues. However they both succeed greatly in their aims and the raising of these issues.
They both present these pieces without trying to make them seem more aesthetically pleasing, instead they are shown in all their glory for what they really are, making the audience unable to deny this reality.