For Task 16 i went to Nottingham to sty with my sister who just recently got a flat with her friend their, on the way into Nottingham we had a bit of a bump when a parked car pulled out on us hitting the rear of my sisters car. Not the best of welcomes.

My sister, some friends and I all sat around and chose to watch the subtitled Spanish film Rec. a horror film that has been remade in america, though in my opinion the Spanish version is much ore scary, whether that’s because they sound much more serious that Americans or whether the fact i don’t understand the phonetics of the language makes me feel more on edge when watching tense situations. Though if I was to say I was scared I’d be lying, more on the edge of my seat and anticipating the next moment where the director trying to scare the audience and make them jump. Horror films I think are increasingly seeming less scary as we are forever more exposed to the realities of the world we live in. It was good though, and i recommend it if you can stomach that sort of thing. I don’t want to give the plot away, but the word demonic springs to mind.


For my other task I didn’t really have a choice in the matter, I became part of an involuntary quiz. Wherever my sister took me, when we met all her friends on a night out, and had people asking who I was how old I was, what I did etc, a test against my sobriety at the time I’ll admit, though I can thankfully say I answered every question correctly. But when it came to meeting my sisters boyfriends friends after going to watch them play a local football game (a community event), held at the Rolls Royce pitch in Nottingham as it was an away game I was quizzed by my sisters boyfriend about my boyfriend as they haven’t really met and he’s quite protective. And his friends all quite a boystrous lot quizzed me on next to every topic they covered, when it came to sports questions it went way over my head, much to their amusement.

Got a bit inventive with this one i think, but I enjoyed my trip and it was good to get a change of scenery and company as well as dabbling in the horror of another culture.