Every year at Christmas in my house we have some sort of cake, pudding or gateaux for dessert, and as much as i love those(Christmas pudding excluded) I wanted us to have something different, but still be festive. I’ve never made a ginger bread house before, and couldn’t recall the last time id made ginger bread so thought it an ample opportunity to do something different.

Making the ginger bread mix was easy enough, though actually constructing the ginger bread house was the hard part.
I created a stencil for each part of the house, for each wall and section of roof so that after rolling the dough out I could cut the shape out to the right size, then popped it in the oven to cook. trying to keep it as flat as possible was hard. I created a thick icing mix from icing sugar and egg whites that I put in a piping bag and used as glue to hold the house together. Before using it to cement the sweetie and chocolate button decorations to the house and adding some detail, it was a very messy job, but I really enjoyed it and was happy with how it turned out, even if it wasn’t all that neat. I think it showed a lot of love went into making it the best I could for Christmas day.

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Maybe most importantly was that my family really loved it, so much they were scared to eat it, but after I became to pick at it they stopped hesitating so much and soon nice chunks of the house were torn down.

I really want to make another one, or two, or three…