Being  big lover of nature there was one story that id come across that actually disappointed and saddened me. The news that the western black rhino was officially now extinct as a result of poaching. Both articles I looked at were dated differently, I’m aware this probably isn’t new, news to some. But to me it was an unwelcome revelation that we are wiping our more and more of the natural wildlife as a result of our greed.

The tabloid newspaper I chose to look at was the daily mail, their story wasn’t all that focussed on the Rhino itself, it covers conservation and list off many other endangered animals and plants.

For the broadsheet paper I looked at the independent,  which was a very short article but to the point. Though its obvious to see that the either shared their source with the Daily Mail, or when they came to post about it 2 years after the Independent, they just stole their information and bundled it with a load of other endangered animals to make it look more substantial.