While back home for Christmas, enjoying Christmas day kicking it back with the family watching some TV, having some celebratory drinks and enjoying our gifts to each other we ended up having a bit of a debate about Christmas itself. How it is or isn’t a consumer fed holiday, invented by capitalists to fund a rush of spending followed by the reward of discount stock. That the message of Christmas now was more and more lost the more advanced we are becoming.

After making  few points about how it is a consumer fed holiday and led by capitalists or big companies. Like coca Cola for example, who are responsible for Santa being in red and white instead of green and white, my mother quite rightly made the point of would you not want Christmas then? to which I responded that of course not, its a lovely time of year I wouldn’t sacrifice as it does bring families together, and it’s an opportunity to show those you care about that you do through the giving of presents. However I told her that didn’t change the fact that it is just a consumer driven holiday.

My eldest sister Rachael stated that if it was the celebration of Jesus they’d got his birthday wrong meaning that we should really have it on another day if that’s what we’re truly celebrating. leading on to say that virgin in those times just meant girl, so the lovely tale of virgin Mary being a virgin may not be as true as we’ve believed.
All quite controversial if you follow the bible, though my mum raised me and my sisters to choose what we wanted to believe in, and we all turned out to be agnostic. We are very cautious to offend religion that became clear in the debate, we’re happy for others to believe what they wish, but to each other and to ourselves we cant deny what we see as the truth. In a debate liek this was good, as we offered things others believed not just the beliefs of our own.

we concluded it was indisputably an invented holiday to fuel spending, but that it was a dearly loved tradition that provided joy and hope where normally there may be none.