For this task I decided I would do my weekly shop at the market.
I much prefer shopping at the market, I feel better for doing so as i feel i’m helping local businesses/farmers and its cheaper.
Though I often find its hard to steer away from the convenience of supermarkets. Its something I understand and want to change in myself as I don’t want to support them, or consume their genetically modified produce. The market is not close to me, and I don’t often use any transport other than my feet so with my rucksack nice and empty I took a trip to the market ready with a shopping list and stocked up on some fresh fruit and veg, as well as a nice variety of meat.

Though another task I chosen to beset upon myself prior to this one with the intention of this being the task i chose to do was the task of cooking a huge Christmas dinner with two other girls I live with over the holidays for myself and my 7 other house-mates, with the other chipping in help when they could, or when there was space too. Though i have never cooked such a meal before, let alone a Christmas dinner so in fact i ended up learning this skill of timing and preparation and the amount of effort that goes into making this traditional meal.
We’d gotten a massive shop in of lots of veg, carrots, suede, potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips, peas, sweetcorn, as well as 2 chickens, plenty of pigs in blankets and a nice joint of beef. It took us a very long time to prepare it, spent hours chopping and peeling vegetables, even managing to cut my finger open at one point. But we got there, everything was ready to be cooked, we had ever hob covered and every shelf in both ovens full, though our upstairs cooker decided to die so we were left with trying to cook everything in just the one oven, meaning that there was a lot of waiting around. But we got there, with everything cooked came the challenge of trying to fit it  all on the plates and the realisation that we’d made a a feast fit for a 18th century king. It became a treasure hunt to try and find the chicken, and the beef and pigs in blankets, amongst all the garlic mash, suede and potato mash, honey roasted carrots, potatoes an parsnips, boiled veg, several Yorkshire puddings, sweetcorn and peas, broccoli and stuffing. topped off with rosemary and black-pepper gravy (a little speciality of mine)

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it was a lovely meal, really fun to get the whole house involved to cook a meal of that size together and good to jut sit at the table all together and have a little celebration of our own. Safe to say we ate as much as possible as none of us wanted to waste anything, and were nicely full for a good while.