my research that id been doing into GMOs for my essay has led me to continue researching this i came across a documentary on them

Being an American documentary its got a few conspiracy theories dropped in and is a little dramatised by the music. But other than that it gives a very good overview of why GMOs are something that we shouldn’t trust and explain why its damaging to our natural world, our health and who is really running the food industry, and proposes the possibility that organic food will diminish with the rise of GMOs as they will be unable to meet the demands required of them. It also offers scientific evidence that GMOs are damaging to our health and proposes questions as to why laws to make the use of GMOs safer were not implemented after these studies. It has a number of speakers shown in the documentary, many qualified professionals.

I think its a really good watch, if this is an issue you are unaware of or if this is the kind of thing that interests you it offers a really good insight into what GMOs are and what the consequences of them can be, but the reasoning behind them. I would have loved to come across this sooner to help support my essay on unsustainability, but for those that wont read that this video I feel completely covers my argument for growing your own produce and acting against big corporations and GMOs. 

I can almost guarantee if you watch this you wont want to consumer GM foods as much again, if at all. Not really sure about the cheesy rap at the end though, so terrible it was hilarious. God bless America eh.