After the lecture on organising my research i felt it necessary to develop some form of plan and structure to my project as soon as possible so that I know roughly which direction i want to take this in and and comfortably move forward in my research.

I know that my project should provide an in-depth, coherent written argument, accompanied with a related practical investigation.

The first steps in planning this project are looking at what kinds of questions I want to be asking and forming that into some kind of structure…

I feel to begin my project and form the reasoning behind the project and to provide it with some relevance and context to current society I should first look into what resources we currently use, and the impact those are having upon us and how much corporations are profiteering from these.
Once the foundations have been made with that I can then answer questions about what hemp is, and how it differs from these resources in terms of sustainability and value. As well as the history of hemp and how it has been used throughout history in a number of cultures to serve many purposes. Which will no doubt lead me on to why it is illegal, and looking into the bad press its received and what basis those arguments are formed on. Then I hope to find out what society today thinks of Hemp/the Cannabis plant and find out what their opinions are, what they understand about it and as it has recently been legalised in the U.S. how they would feel about it being decriminalised here in the UK.
Once I have all this research gathered I will be able to make progress in the practical element of my work. I will be able to experiment during the time of research, and then once i know what kind of relevant message I want to portray I will be able to produce my accompanying creative element.
Though as I hope to use hemp fabric/paper as the canvas of my work this I hope will also inform me of what kind of restrictions and how limited access is to an item in a country where it is illegal to produce. In discussing this I will be able to make relevance of natural paints/dyes and using those to produce the support creative practical work.
Closing the chapter on that I will be able to conclude my essay and give an informed response on my opinions and findings.

Propose Title:
Could Man work with nature? The sustainable benefits of Hemp and its position within society.

This title could change, no doubt evolve but as for now I feel it captures what I hope to cover within this project.

I have obtained and essay and dissertations book to help me get a better structure and plan in place as I progress in this study though for now i feel confident that i know what kind of path I need to be heading in and the research i need to undertake.