Much of my practice is concerned with the environment, and wanted to explore ways in which I can create my own natural dyes and paints to make my mark with.
I have begun by extracting colour from vegetable matter such as beetroot and spinach to create dyes and paints that are ecological.
I intend to experiment further with this in order to find the best mix and establish a wider colour range.

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To make the dyes and paints i used Beetroot, Carrots, Onion skins, Spinach and Turmeric and explored two separate processes of producing the paint and dyes.

For the dyes it was a process of extracting the colour from the matter by boiling it for a few hours, the liquid extracted can be used as a dye, but mixed with flour I was able to make paints.

Though I didn’t want to waste the organic matter that I had used to create the dyes, and felt that the colour extracted may be too weak for an effective paint palette. Which led me to a second process, of blending the remaining matter and creating “puree paints”.

Though I enjoyed this process, and the dyes were very affective, I found that the paint was too untameable. The colour absorbed into the fabric rather than creating a clear image as a result I deemed this unsuitable for my creative response as i felt i wouldn’t have much control over this medium, and wouldn’t have the option of making it detailed which i feel may be necessary to adequately convey my message.