Through the research I have done so far I have found out interesting facts that provide evidence that hemp was embraced and perceived differently in history.

I have been experimenting with my initial ideas in response to these for my creative element as I believe it may make people question current opinions and beliefs surrounding the resource. I have other ideas and obviously there is still much work and experimenting to be done so no doubt my response will evolve.


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Though i like these ideas, i don’t feel it is really communicating the benefits of Hemp.
The facts are interesting yet they don’t really apply to now, or to Britain.

As I’m trying to tackle its current position in society in the UK i feel i should take my work in a different direction.

Though i feel it its crucial in my visual elements to use the cannabis leaf, as this is a recognisable and controversial leaf, showing a clear connection with hemps cousin, Marijuana.
By using this leaf repeatedly in my work i am able to communicate that this miracle plant comes from the same species, and thus visually educating my audience that this plant that’s received much negative publicity, also has the potential to be used for so much more.

I also think that visually this leaf looks very decorative, the pointy edges and symmetry i think could look good when incorporated into a pattern.

I have found myself considering making some form of pattern promoting hemp. using different aspects of the plant, or its growth, applications etc. within it.