I have previously been inspired by the Toile de Jouy style of print as i feel they convey somewhat of a story. Drawing in on different aspects of a certain theme. This traditional style is something that has been seen throughout homes in history, and you would not expect it to convey a message that holds such controversial opinions. Which i feel makes it appropriate for the domestic audience I’m trying to address as it wont sit so loudly within a home. It is a tasteful way in which i can address this controversial issue, which i feel is important for making people think twice about what they know about hemp. I feel as if i was to make a loud statement with this message my audience would not really take it in, or be inspired to research more into this subject. Instead it would be categorised amongst all the other pro cannabis campaigns.

By giving my audience a visual link between applications and the cannabis genus i am firstly educating them but also inspiring them to do their own research to find out more, to confirm what i am showing them, so that they themselves will research into the truths about hemps applications and its differences to marijuana.

I was most inspired by the Mike diamond and New York revolver print as its a modern day take on the traditional style and you see very different to imagery to what you’d expect from a traditional print. Though this is a very literal imitation of the traditional style, and i dont intend to work so literally. I hope to still convey some of my own style within the work and create a more modern style of toile de jouy.