My main objective through my creative response is to promote hemp to the general public, to educate them of its harm free uses. I have chosen to specifically target a domestic audience as I believe most of the hesitation around hemp and its misunderstood relationship to psychoactive cannabis as stated in chapter one, is created from the home environment, generations that were exposed to the 20th century anti-cannabis propaganda, periods of racism and the association portrayed between the black community and psychoactive cannabis (also studied in chapter two), have passed what they were taught on to their descendants.

Though with the younger generations more exposed and with better access than ever to the truths that lie out there in the world, simply available at the click of a button via the world wide web. We are becoming more aware of the options that are out there for us and the devastating possibilities of our potential future if we carry on as we are. As well being able to educate ourselves about the facts of matters, having been so exposed to so many different incidents in which higher powers have lied to us we have become unable to take anyone source at its word, rather than taking in whatever government or cooperate funded news and propaganda we are presented with.

However much of the older generations, still prefer to read what’s printed in the paper and reported in the news and so haven’t been able to take in many different facts, viewpoints and perspectives, some that may disprove what they have been taught to believe.


From looking at the work of designer’s Casagrande and Rintala and how their use of hemp within their sculptural piece explored in chapter two demonstrated how hemp can be integrated into modern day society, potentially with the audience being unaware that it is serving that purpose whether it be intentional or not. Taking that into account I felt as though the best way to convey my message would be to make something that aesthetically isn’t shocking, something that’s pleasant and tasteful but at a closer look will reveal the unexpected. I want my message to be able to comfortably sit within the home environment and not feel out of place as I feel this is the best and most appropriate exhibition space for connecting with my audience and that’s the position in which I believe hemp should be in, it should be welcome in our homes and able to sit around and within them without issue, perhaps even unknowingly to those around it.

As I will be specifically trying to address a domestic audience I have chosen to convey my message in a more modern take of the traditional Toile de Jouy style pattern print akin to the style the Beastie Boys used for their Brooklyn wallpaper.  (See Image 1) As this traditional style is something that has been seen throughout homes in history, and you would not expect it to convey a message that holds such controversial opinions. As well as making the link between how hemp has itself has previously been accepted, used and cultivated throughout history and is not a new revolution, it is dated, much like the appearance of the Toile de Jouy style patterns. I have additionally chosen to print my pattern on to fabric so that I am able to transform it into items that can be found in the home environment such as furnishings, cushions, curtains and table cloths.

(Image 1: Beastie Boys- Brooklyn Toile)