Using the fabric i printed i also made a cushion cover.

I got hold of a cushion insert and measured out two squares on my fabric that were a single cm smaller than the insert so that it would have a fuller feel when complete.

To save time, and stitches i chose to position my squares next to each other and not cut the line that joins them so that i wouldn’t have to stitch that side as i felt this would also make it have a more professional finished look. This left me with only two sides i needed to fully stitch and one side where i would need to stitch in the zip.

I folded the edges of the zip side inwards and aligned it with the sides of the zip so that when stitched the zip would run along the edge where the seem would normally sit. After pinning and tacking this together i used a sewing machine to sew the zip in, and the small stretches of fabric either side that weren’t attached to the zip. Leaving only a small amount of fabric either side of the zip to neatly hand sew its ends inwards.

10877704_10152994015109812_588316312_n 10928092_10152994014914812_5799608_n

Once it was finished i turned outside in so and put in my insert to make sure it was the right fit. Thankfully it was.

I feel the crisper feel of the fabric in this case benefited me as it gave it a much more defined edging, giving an overall professional finish.

10866824_10152994014709812_1081538801_n 10937717_10152994014659812_14549334_n