I used the colleges digital print resource to print my fabric.
I was able to take my repeat tile and repeat it over and over to any desired length.

it only took about an hour to print 2 meters of the fabric, following that i steamed and washed the fabric to fix my print.

10913581_10152984354479812_1474857591_n 10934272_10152984354454812_1159251049_n

i was really happy with how my fabric turned out. I lost no detail in printing. Though the fabrics that were available to me weren’t what i had hoped to use, it was a lot more crisp than id wanted, I’d have preferred a softer fabric but was limited by stock and what the printers would accept.

Yet the cotton palin has proven durable and easy to work with.  Though I hadn’t intended to use a fabric like this its crisper feel gives it an overall more refined finished appearance.