I purchased an old tatty chair from a YMCA store, where people donate unwanted furniture and its sold off and the proceeds go back into the charity.

This chair was only £5, and had lots of scuffs, scratches, chips and the seat fabric was stained.



I firstly sanded down the chair to create a smooth base and applied a base coat before applying 2 coats of brilliant white gloss paint.


For the seat pad i cut a square of my fabric. to determine the right size i laid out the seat, face down on my fabric and ensured there was enough fabric to stretch around the back and be fixed into place.

This is where the angles in my print came to my advantage. i was able to easily ensure that the print was straight when i fixed it into place.

I fixed my fabric into place by doing the sides first and pulling those tight and fixing them by carefully hammering in metal tacs. I then did the same with the top and bottom.

i used a bit of tape to get the fabric to sit flat on the back surface of the seat, also allowing me to ensure not loose threads would find their way through.

i used an off cut from some spare fabric i had to cover the loose ends, i folded the ends of the scrap fabric inwards so that these also wouldn’t be visible and tacked these down.


the final product…


I really enjoyed the process, found it to be very rewarding and easy.

Overall i was very happy with the outcome, it looked professional and could easily see it as a feature item within a modern home.