in order to get some idea of the market i’m stepping into i have done some research into the items i could possibly make from my pattern designs.

These include:

  • Cushions
  • tea towels
  • bedding
  • re-upholstered chairs/foot stools/sofas
  • curtains
  • aprons
  • oven gloves
  • seat pads
  • floor cushions/bean bags
  • lampshades
  • shoppers/tote bags
  • notepads
  • wallpaper

I have also looked into what artists/company’s already exist that do a similar thing and what they market and what kind of prices they charge.

One such artist is Georgia Wilkinson ( she creates a range of basic patterns and creates items such as lampshades, tea towels, notice boards and cushions both patterns and hand printed. charging around £10 for her tea towels and upwards of £40 for her other items.

Another is Kiran Ravilious ( who specialises in block print and charges between £30-£50 for the cushion cover on its own. Anything between £45-£150 for a lampshade, £65 per roll of wallpaper, and tea towels for £25.

Rapture & Wright are another ( whom charge £65 per cushion, including the feather pad insert.

more well known is Bluebellgray by Fi Douglas, ( charging anything from £44-£185 for a cushion. £65 for duvet covers and £18 a pillowcase.

and Sarah Waterhouse ( she charges £40-£60 per cushion. £300 footsool, and £95 floor cushions.

On etsy though, hand made printed cushions can come anywhere between £15-£100+


I have also looked into places that i might be able to get my designs printed after leaving university to continue my work… i have so far found 3 uk based printers that are fairly local however none of them indicate any sort of pricing on their websites.