For this project i have set myself the goal of making new patterns, and so ive come up with a few initial ideas about patterns i could pursue…

Bristol Blue
My idea for this has come from my personal connection to bristol as i was born here. I remember so many things about bristol that i feel are iconic but also personal to those who know bristol. I chose the blue colour scheme as bristol is known for its Bristol blue glass, and everything i have associated with bristol in my childhood, such as uniforms and school logos have been blue.

Image (31) Image (36)

Green Energy

my idea for this came from my hemp design. i thought it would be nice to expand on other sustainable resources. i went for the green biro colour scheme as it represents green energy.

Image (35)

Leeds City

I thought about doing a leeds design, because i have spent the last three years here at university and its a city i’ve become very fond of. I chose the blue colour scheme as leeds united foot club and leeds rhinos both have blue within their design.

Image (32) Image (33)

Foraging Berries

I had the idea of creating a foraging berries print, where i would show berries that are edible and safe to eat, to educate and encourage people to make use of these free growing fruits.

Image (34)


i had considered doing different styles of prints to my usual biro drawings, and thought about creating a mountain themed pattern as i thought it would be visually satisfying and because i really admire the way thy look on the horizon their extensive untameable mass.  I believe they show the strength and dominance of nature.

Image (37)


i have forever been fascinated with space so i thought about doing a space print depicting different planets and crescent moons.

Image (38)


upon going through these ideas in my tutorials and crits i think i’m going to keep coming up with ideas till i find some that i feel really certain about. at the moment these ideas feel a little forced and id prefer to take my time to come up with a well thought out design than try and rush something and it be mediocre.