In order to get a feel for Londons environment and to obtain imagery to work from I visited London for a day. I visited as many iconic areas as I possibly could such as the Houses of Parliament/Big Ben, Towerbridge/tower of London, Buckingham palace, Trafalgar square, Camden market, the London eye and china town.

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having never been to London before i wasn’t sure what really to expect, it certainly wasn’t how i imagined it. It didn’t live up to its glamorous portrayal seen in movies and TV. It was however as busy as i had expected, previously id only ever visited outer areas of London, never to the heart of London and the most touristy areas.

Though i had anticipated lots of people, I didn’t fully consider how much waste such an amount of people produced, i began to notice overflowing bins, rubbish bags everywhere, litter pickers throughout the day, bins at every corner and yet still the litter was everywhere. it was clear that although there was much effort put into keeping London tidy, the sheer amount of people made it impossible to keep on top of.

Something i found more concerning were the amount of homeless people, its a given that with any densely populated area the stats for most things will rise, including the amount of homeless people. Id personally never seen so many homeless females in one area before. What i found most surprising however were the amount of people that just seemed to not even acknowledge their existence.
The attitude of London became clear in an instant. Everyone was so busy and wrapped up in their own lives, routines and travels that no one seemed to really connect. Everything seemed temporary, like just a passing moment that they could forget about, or even that they would forget about. And because of that no one seemed to really care about who or what was around them, which seemed to have its good and bad points. I could clearly see its allowed London to become of the most diverse places in the uk, such an array of style, art, culture and business. In London anything seemed to be possible if you were passionate enough, and there was such a sense of freedom, that anything could be celebrated and that no one was going to judge you, because everyone was so different. But i noticed that this passive mentality also had allowed aspects of London to deteriorate, i saw a huge contrast between brand new shining corporate tower blocks and streets of family businesses crammed into terraced buildings.

It became clear that these world famous buildings that saw tourists flock to London divert the attention away from the true atmosphere and passive attitude of london.