I decided to redevelop my british leaf design. I realised my previous design though it repeated itself as a swatch on illustrator and Photoshop it wasn’t a repeatable tile, and therefore if i wanted to print it i would have to make the file the necessary canvas size rather than being able to have a repeatable tile that i could print any length i want.
I also felt that compared to my other designs this one wasn’t really to the same standard, and i didn’t feel that as though id portrayed such natural elements, it didn’t look remotely organic in style.

So i remade my design, taking the original transparent files and reconstructing my design into a repeatable print.

birchleaftransparent  figleaftransparent

Using Photoshop I placed my leaves so that it looked like they were falling, and repeated some of the imagery in different sizes to give the illusion of more leaves. I made them look like they were falling as i wanted to give it an autumn feel, i always remember seeing these types of leaves around on the floor in autumn so thought it would work well.

BritishLeabbff Sample 

I’m really happy with how this design turned out, and feel it is a great improvement on my previous design.