After creating my pattern tile i was then ready to print my design onto fabric, though i quickly learned that the digital fabric printing resource at university was unable to handle the number of students trying to get access to it. With 2 textiles courses taking priority despite their deadline being after mine i felt it would be wise to look elsewhere should i not be able to get in at all. this way id at least have something.

I also felt this would be good as it would give me an idea of costs for printing my designs once i leave university and help me find one that i could possibly use regularly upon leaving.

I found the following sites and compared their fabrics and costs;
As i needed my fabric as soon as possible i had hoped to go with a UK based printers, however i found that the costs of most of the UK printers to be significantly more than that of the american based printers Spoonflower.
It is for this reason i decided to go with spoonflower, their costs for express shipping were much more than any UK based printers though it still worked out cheaper. Though the fastest i could receive my designs was a week from the point of order.

I wasnt sure initially if i would continue to use spoonflower for this reason, though when i recieved my designs the quality of the fabric and the print was exceptional. I was really happy with how they turned out and for the price it actually worked out cheaper than if i had been able to print these designs at uni. It is for this reason that i think i will continue to use these printers once i graduate, that is unless i come across any local printers that could match the price.