As i wanted my website to have a professional look i wanted to get some nice photographs of my designs, and products to put on the site.

Having done modelling in my own time outside of uni it has allowed me to network with a range of photographers across the UK via purple port, a portfolio site specifically for models and photographers. I knew of at least two that i had worked with in the past for different clothing shoots, that focus on product photography as well as fashion.
One based in my hometown Burton and one based here in Leeds.

I wanted to try using a photographer who wasn’t still in university as i knew they’d be more flexible with their time given that they didn’t have any deadlines to meet. And given that this is how i will have to go about arranging my shoots in the real world outside of university i felt it would be good experience at organising such a thing with access to no studio or equipment of my own.

I contacted the leeds based photographer Dave, (FDQ Photography) and asked if he would be able to take the photographs for me, and use his home as the location. Id been there previously when meeting for one of the shoots where i was a subject and remembered it had a nice contrast of old features and modern décor which i felt would suit the general toile theme of my work well. He got back to me and we agreed upon a time and date.


Link to his Purple Port portfolio: