So that my products would appear more professional and to maintain my design brand i created some tags for my products. I thought this would be a nice little touch and allows me to give the customer washing and care advise as well as informing them that its handmade in the UK, if they hadn’t previously been aware.



The designs above are for the backs of the Tags, i have shifted all the text to the lower end of the tag so that i have space above to punch a hole for my twine.




The design above shows the front of the tag, which ive intentionally kept very basic so that my brand is clear.



the above image shows how i layed out my sheet so that i could get the most tags out of each print. I am able to centre this image every time, along with the front of the tags on the opposite side, allowing me to get 16 tags per A3 sheet.

I chose to print these to the same size and on the same card as my business cards. i felt this was the ideal size and quality for my tags as  it allowed me to have my text a readable size, but the tags aren’t too cumbersome and the tags will be fairly durable. Being the same format as business cards i should be able to get these printed easily outside of university.