I wanted to also have some paper items i could sell, and figured that gift wrap could be a suitable choice for my designs.
So I nipped into a card shop while in town and whipped out my measuring tape and found that typical sheets for wrapping paper are 50cm in width and 70cm in length.

So using Photoshop I created my canvas this size and dropped in designs to create a gift wrap print for each.

I printed these on 80gsm Screen print paper as I wanted my gift wrap to be ever so slightly thicker than your standard wrapping paper so that they would seem more luxurious and higher in quality.



when printing my designs i had to print on paper slightly bigger so that my designs didn’t go over the edges, so i added on crop marks to my print so that i could easy guillotine the edges off and create a nice full print.

As these only costed my £1 each to print i decided id sell these at £2 a sheet, comparable with any retail card shops top quality wrapping paper.