Even though i intend to sell my work online, i think its important to find other platforms that i could also use to sell my work. So ive done a little research into some possibilities…


this is an online store with a massive audience specifically looking for unique designs and products. I think this could be a good platform for me as its specifically for those not on the high street market and therefore a good place to get some recognition and sales.

I’ve also been looking on


for some craft fairs around Sheffield as this is where i intend to move to once i graduate. I had thought about trying to stay in Leeds and build my business up here but i feel that Sheffield is still up and coming in the arts scene and much more is happening as a result and therefore there’s a lot of opportunity. but unlike Leeds its not overflowing with art students trying to make a name for themselves so its a good place to try and get my work out there as its more likely to stand out.

I found one that i think i will try and go to next year, i have left it a little late this year to go but hopefully its an annual event and i can have a stall ready for then. http://www.stallfinder.com/event/marys-marvellous-vintage-craft-market/92431/

I also checked out this blog postt hat had some really cool links to possible sites that i could sell my my work on