In order to calculate how much i should sell my items for i had to calculate the costs of production.

Spoonflower Prints:

Spoonflower fabric costs approximately £15 per yard including VAT & Shipping ( Import tax of £25, shipping costs £30)
I was able to calculate that its roughly £7.50 worth of fabric to produce the cushions, and the same for totes as i can only get 2 per yard/metre. Its roughly £10 fabric to make the aprons.

However to make the cushions requires buying an insert which is £1.50 each.
None of these costs however take into account the time taken to draw and produce the actual design itself.

In order to be able to make enough money to make it worth while i have to work out the costs of labour. It takes me twice as long to produce aprons as it does the cushions, and the totes take a little less time to make than the cushions.
For these reasons i have chose to set my prices as follows :

tote bags £12.50
aprons £22.50
cushions £17.50

I didn’t want to set my bar too high and risk losing custom, but i also didn’t want to be underpaying myself for my labour so i feel these are reasonable prices as they allow me to compete with the market while not short changing myself.

Uni Prints:

The uni prints costs me just a fraction more to print, roughly 10p per metre. So as these were just one offs i shan’t be changing the prices of my items.