I was finally able to get a print slot at Uni after having to wait 2 weeks.
The designs initially printed really well, it took roughly 2 hours to print 4 metres off, 2 metres of each design. I was really happy with the detail and how the colours had turned out.



There was a minor hiccup during the printing of my London design, for some reason the printer stopped half way through and we had to start it again. This meant that i wouldn’t be able to stick around till it was finished as the print room had to close for the day.

I popped back up next day at dinner time as id been told my fabric would be ready to collect, it wasn’t. So i went for my tutorial and nipped back up after to see if i could finish it off myself and if not how soon i could get it. But by the time id got up there it had been finished. Though i was now incredibly disappointed with how it looked. I’m not entirely sure what had happened during the steaming process, my fabric had been folded up with two other students and all steamed together, unfortunately the red inks seemed to have bled all over the fabrics.
My heart sank as i realised id spent £60 to print something that i now felt was ruined.
I was reassured however that the excess ink that had bled out should wash out after a couple of washes, so i went away and washed it…. 5 times. Still there was ink blotches all over my prints… unimpressed is an understatement.

But i accepted that there was little i could do about it, as id already had to wait so long for a slot and having spent my money on printing this lot i didn’t have much option but to accept this was how it was going to look.
Thankfully the ink blotches had faded and so now aren’t as noticeable, and thankfully because of the reds in my print it blends quite well. Despite it being the least ideal situation i could have imagined, i’ve been reassured that i can at least get away with it for now and pass it off as intentional if needs be.

This experience has just reassured me though that spoonflower would be an ideal printers for me, their quality of fabric and print was far beyond what i got from uni and so i feel when it comes to selling my products this is ideal as i want the best quality i can get and i’m confident now that spoonflower is the best option for my requirements.

I do not think ill use the fabric i’ve printed at uni for products that i will sell online as i feel that the internet market place has a very high standard and if customers were to receive printed with blotches of inks, they’d all be asking for refunds. But i also do not wish to waste this fabric, so i have decided to use this batch to create products that i will only sell in person, for instance at the end of year exhibition arts market as people can see first hand what they’re getting then.

I am going to speak to the print room staff and see if theyd be willing to print me some more fabric free of charge, minus the blotches as i do not feel i should have had to pay such a price for something i’m not even happy with. Though i have heard that i’m not the only person who’s fabric has been ruined post printing, so i’m not getting my hopes up.