When making my products i laid my fabric out flat on the floor so i could flatten out all the folds.
For the apron i had made a template for half the size so that i could fold my fabric over and cut it in one shape so i knew it was symmetrical. I carefully thought out my placement of the template so that pattern was mirrored from the centre fold. i also took into account that i wanted at least one of the trees to be fully visible.

I proceeded to cut out my fabric, and then iron it out flat. I measured out six 2 inch width lengths of fabric for the binding. allowing myself 0.5 either end to fold and stitch in so there are no tatty edges. And for the binding lengths that become the ties i tripled the value of the underarm edge.

once i had everything ironed i pinned everything in place before tacking it. Once i had everything in place i used my sewing machine to stitch it together.

IMG_0678 IMG_0682


for the cushions i measured out 17 x 17 inch squares, i marked the fabric with a border 1.5cm, as this is where i would stitch. I cut my fabric specifically so that one side didn’t require any sewing. having the fabric turned inside out i sewed down the two sides and a third of the way in at the opening, i then cut the excess on the corners so that when i turned it inside out it would have nice pointy corners and turned my fabric inside out and using my scissors pushed the corners out so they were now pointy. i then filled it with a cushion insert and using some fabric glue sealed the opening . I used fabric glue as this way i can seal it without having any exposed stitching.


for the tote bags i measure out 17″ by 15″ and marked a border of 1.5cm again.
i then measured out two 26″ lengths that would form the straps. For comfort i made these 4 inchs in width so that they would be fairly thick when sewn.

once again i ironed all my fabric flat and ironed in my folds keeping the fabric turned inside out.  I folded the top edges twice over while keeping the straps beneath it, and pinned these in place before tacking them together. I sewed the top edges and straps together before sewing down the sides.
I then trimmed all my threads, turned it inside out and ironed it once more.

Unfortunately i didn’t get many pictures of this process, its all quite a fiddly process so most of the time i had my hands full. But the process i found fairly simple to follow, the most important thing is to keep ironing the fabric and ensuring there’s no creases, because that’s what makes an item look untidy and unprofessional.

I had a bit of trouble with my sewing machine, i had noticed while making my mock ups that my tension was slightly askew, i had tried to rectify this by adjusting the tension and testing the stitches out but this didn’t seem to work and only made it worse. I think my machine may be in need of some maintenance so this is something i will have to look into.
the needle also broke at one point, though this was annoying, its things like this that have forced me to get to know my machine better, which i think is vital if I’m to be using it as much as i intend. Each machine is different in its own way and you have to be able to read it and know the sounds and tell when something isn’t right with it much of the time. through this process I’ve certainly gotten to know my machine a lot better and i think that’s helping with my confidence when it comes to sewing.