Having made a chair for my cop3 module and really liking it,, i decided i would make annother one with one of my new designs. I got hold of another chair from my local YMCA shop in Burton.

I took the seat pad off the chair to expose its full frame and sanded it down, before adding a base coat and a few layers of gloss, allowing at least 24 hours drying time before each coat.

I proceeded to reupholster the seat pad by measuring out enough fabric to wrap around it tightly. As this particular chair had a leather fabric fused to the seat pad i had to cover it with a base fabric before fixing my fabric so that it had some grip and wouldnt feel slippy underneath. I fixed both sets of fabric to the chair by hammering in some small tacs. I chose to use these instead of the normal upholstering pins as i felt they were more discrete and suitable for this type of chair.