After receiving my finished edits i took it upon myself to crop out any little areas in Photoshop that i didn’t like that i felt needed cleaning up. I also cropped some images down into a more suitable size for my site, or in the case of images where i’m showing more than one designs, so that one design was more of a focus than another so that i could use the same image but for two separate design pages.

DSC_9190ab DSC_9190ac DSC_9198b DSC_9203b DSC_9207b DSC_9212b DSC_9213b DSC_9215b DSC_9218b DSC_9219b DSC_9223b DSC_9226b DSC_9227b DSC_9236b DSC_9244b DSC_9250b


i feel these cropped images look a lot cleaner and nicer than before.