I sat down with the photographer after the shoot and went through the unedited shots we had and picked out some images that i really liked and wanted to use on my site. We then had a little play about with the images, taking down the vibrance of the back ground so that the products would stand out more, taking down the brightness so they didn’t seem too exposed and just generally tidying them up a bit. After deciding upon a general style and getting an idea of how i wanted my images to look Dave allowed me to head home with the promise he’d get the ready and sent over to me by the next day.

These are the final edited images:

DSC_9169cropa DSC_9172A DSC_9177A DSC_9182a DSC_9186a DSC_9190a DSC_9192a DSC_9198a DSC_9203a DSC_9207a DSC_9209a DSC_9212a DSC_9213a DSC_9215a DSC_9218a DSC_9219a DSC_9223a DSC_9226a DSC_9227a DSC_9227a2 DSC_9236a DSC_9244a DSC_9247a DSC_9250a

Initially i was a little worried as to how these images might turn out, id chosen the photographers house for the location of the shoot because of the large windows allowing natural light, and the exposed floorboards as i felt this would give a nice natural aesthetic to the photos that would link well with the natural aesthetics in my work. Though i hadn’t noticed previously how dirty the window edges had looked and i was concerned that this would look really tatty in my images. But for most of these images the window edges weren’t in the shot or in focus, and for the ones that it is visible in,most of them aren’t too bad and for the ones its really visible there’s always the option of cropping these bits out.
I had chosen the home environment as my backdrop as opposed to a studio as this is where i intend my designs and products to end up, so felt it necessary to show how they might look in a home environment. I felt a studio back drop might not really convey the style im going for with my work and might take away some character from my work.

Though  by using dave house we were also somewhat limited to space due to walls and fixed furnishings. I was worried that this might make my images seem a bit narrow but i feel the photographer worked well with the space.
I definitely intend to have another go at a photoshoot and really set up a full front room scene at a later stage when i’m able to find a better location to do this.
Overall though for a first attempt at a professional shoot I’m really happy with how these images turned out.