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As part of Live projects i produced a website which also links in well with my PPP2 module as it has allowed me to appear more professional and established. It holds an online portfolio of my work that i feel shows well what i represent and shows a clear style, and then a selection of personal work that shows my capabilities further. As well as an bout page so that people can see where i originate from and what my ethos is, and a contact page so that people get in touch with me easily if they have an enquiries.




Business cards

A new store opened up in my hometown where they have a number of prints from illustrators in there accompanied by their business cards.
I picked out these two from some illustrators to get an idea to how illustrators express themselves through a business card, as i really didn’t want my card to just be plain with my details on, i didn’t feel that would communicate my skills at all.
After seeing these i was able to get a rough idea of what i wanted to do so would have the front as my name and details and on the back just a simple single illustration or potentially pattern that would communicate me and my style as an illustrator.

This fits under the brief i have set myself for live projects to produce business cards and links in well with my PPP2 module as i’m developing myself more professionally.

Jacky Fleming Talk

I didn’t know much of Jacky Flemings work, but what i had seen really intrigued me and i found it amusing so was really eager to go to her talk and I’m so glad i did.

I found that it was really quite informative as i intend to follow a similar path and go freelance. Though she expressed she no intentions to become a cartoonist she said she just kind of fell into the role. She hadn’t thought of a career she just drew all the time, and noted that she didn’t think she even drew particularly well. Her cartoons have since featured in The Guardian, Big Issue, New Statesman & Society and Independent on Sunday amongst other publications, books of her cartoons have also been published by Penguin and her work is exhibited far and wide. She made it quite clear that some people found her work controversial, but that was also what made them so successful, because they said things people weren’t always willing to hear. They confront a range of issues within society, and i particularly admire the fact that she doesn’t care what people think of her for expressing her points of view and thoughts on issues. I also strongly admire the fact she wasn’t afraid to turn down a job if it was for someone she didn’t really like or an organisation she didn’t want to represent, just because the offer of some work came along she didn’t drop what she was about and her style to get some work, she stuck with what she was passionate about and in the end that really paid off for her. I think that in itself is a great lesson i can learn. That just because I’ve been offered a brief doesn’t mean i have to take it if it contradicts what i represent. If you do that then you’re more likely to discredit yourself and douse your reputation.

She mentioned her process of working, that she often draws and creates a big pile of different drawings statement and ideas that later she will work through to find the hidden gems. I found this quite reassuring as im always doing rough sketches or starting a drawing and having another idea and i end up with so many unfinished illustrations or ideas. some of which i do end up going back to.
I also loved the fact that she networked herself by sending out loads of postcards to publishers like penguin and others that she’s worked with. I thought this was a really good way of communicating your practice and being able to send a sample of work at the same time. Everyone always says you need to know someone in the business to get in on it. But it kind of gives me hope that actually, you can sell yourself through different means. She also expressed that they’re a really good way of getting your work out globally, after all postcards travel fair distances.

She also discussed her transition between university and being a cartoonist, stating that she had done fine art, and lots of life drawing before moving on to become a cartoonist. She made it clear that its not the easiest of transitions from university to going freelance. That there were times in between where she struggled to make an earning, but expressed the importance of working despite that, to keep drawing and producing things because you don’t know what might be around the corner. In a way i had wanted to hear that it was a nice easy simple transition but i knew that wouldn’t be the case. It was however somewhat reassuring to find that someone as successful as her faced the exact same struggles that I’m most likely to encounter trying to make it in a dog eat dog world.

I found this particularly useful for my research into live project and PPP as they were both informed by this talk, considering professionalism, marketing myself and what kind of things to expect from going freelance.

She was a very nice lady she even gave us all postcards which was lovely of her. This is the post card i got!

Task 7: Discuss a documentary

my research that id been doing into GMOs for my essay has led me to continue researching this i came across a documentary on them

Being an American documentary its got a few conspiracy theories dropped in and is a little dramatised by the music. But other than that it gives a very good overview of why GMOs are something that we shouldn’t trust and explain why its damaging to our natural world, our health and who is really running the food industry, and proposes the possibility that organic food will diminish with the rise of GMOs as they will be unable to meet the demands required of them. It also offers scientific evidence that GMOs are damaging to our health and proposes questions as to why laws to make the use of GMOs safer were not implemented after these studies. It has a number of speakers shown in the documentary, many qualified professionals.

I think its a really good watch, if this is an issue you are unaware of or if this is the kind of thing that interests you it offers a really good insight into what GMOs are and what the consequences of them can be, but the reasoning behind them. I would have loved to come across this sooner to help support my essay on unsustainability, but for those that wont read that this video I feel completely covers my argument for growing your own produce and acting against big corporations and GMOs. 

I can almost guarantee if you watch this you wont want to consumer GM foods as much again, if at all. Not really sure about the cheesy rap at the end though, so terrible it was hilarious. God bless America eh.

Task 3: Play a board game

For celebration of imagination my group made a board game, to make sure it worked we had to play it, to encourage others to play it at the fete we also played it then… the LCA staff edition of guess who was my game of choice for this task. 

Celebration of Imagination

For the celebration of imagination event we were asked to form groups and come up with a fun way to raise money for charity. 

I worked along side Chloe, Kristian and Jade for this project. Talking together we played around with some ideas, and settled on what was our first idea of creating a simulation. playing on the senses of the users we were going to try and incorporate smells, possibly taste, and have them blindfolded so that they are led around by us and left to experience a narrative through their imagination assisted by their senses. Inspired by Bare Grylls we thought it would be fun to be jungle themed and be a task of surviving in the jungle, where we were going to give the players of this choices that would lead them on different paths. Though given the time we had, and the little space and fact that we couldn’t really create an isolated area that no one could see in to we had to come up with another idea despite being really fond of this one as we had other things such as health and safety consider. 
There was somewhat a lack of communication in the group, I had very little idea of what was happening with everyone or when they were free to do things or what we would need. we weren’t organised so I felt quite out of the loop and disconnected from the group. It became an increasing possibility we would have nothing to present, and i lacked any way of salvaging this. Thankfully though Chloe and Kristian had put their heads together and come up with an idea that we do a staff edition of guess who, which i loved. So we each took it upon our selves to draw 4 different staff members. Kristian, Chloe and myself got hold of materials, me Kristian created the board by painting and cutting it out of card. before sticking our illustrations that had been edited by Chloe onto the flaps that would face the players. 

1476937_10152022028774812_1095301474_n 1488521_10152024945004812_1259337378_n 1477571_10152022536319812_769525018_n 1488584_10152022028639812_1083215660_n

-We aimed our stall at the staff and students of Leeds College of Art, as they would be our main audience and would recognise the characters we’d placed on the board. 

  • Strengths – A Quick turn around of people, people can relate to the game by knowing the faces and be amused by our funny interpretations of the staff, an easy to learn game, and well known so likely people will already know how to play. 
  • Weaknesses – people may not be able to find a partner to play with as its two player.
  • Opportunities – opportunity to make money and entertain
  • Threats – possibility of offending staff members, if they dislike the interpretation of themselves

Having made our game from recycled materials we incurred no costs in the making of this, other than print credits, so any money made from the stall would just be profit. 

We decided to charge 20p per play for the game as it would be easy to split 10p per person, a fair price we thought for what is likely to be quite quick games. 
We made about £12 profit, and the game got a lot of attention from staff and students alike who wanted to see the pictures and have a go themselves. by offering multiple pay deals we were able to keep people coming back. Me and Jade also ran to Tesco across the road and got hold of some sweets so that the winner could be rewarded each time, in an effort to encourage more people to play… I think it worked quite well. That was the only cost of our stall and I considered it my own contribution tot he charity. When my other members of group were on the stall I went around the fete and looked at the stalls of others and got involved to try and make it seem more busy and to have a nosey of what others had done. there was constantly members of the group around the stall and we each made sure it was never unattended. 

I think the main problem for this task was organising our selves to come up with a final feasible idea. The process swapping ideas and starting fresh held us back a lot, and if we were to do this again i would consider creating a more structured plan of action of what each individual should be doing before we leave. As well as thinking of a game that can get more people involved so that there’s a better chance of raising more money.
But through this ive learnt more the important of team work, and how without a team it can be very hard to do anything on your own if it’s a group task. The importance of time management as i felt we were quite rushed, though we did pull it together quickly and finished our stall in time. I’ve also learnt drawing staff members from memory is more difficult that id anticipated (sorry David if i caused any offence haha) overall though it was good to see that something can be made for nothing and raise money for charity. On the whole i feel the event went very well, for myself, my group and everyone else involved. It was a really nice atmosphere and I’m proud to have been part of it. It was even more great to find that the staff wanted to use our game again and contribute more to our charity- i thin we can deem it successful if it was asked to be used again. 

Task 18: Read a review

Recently I’ve been wanting to read more, and find some more recent books that I like. So for this task took it upon myself to look at a few book reviews and pick out one that stood out mos to me, with the intention now being to go and read it myself.

I came across this one for The Art of Hearing Heartbeats by Jan-phillip Sendker.

These reviews are what made it appeal to me, it sounds like its a well written, passionate, emotional story with a lot of meaning behind it and has made really want to acquire this and read it. So I guess they’ve succeeded in their job…